Bilen Air Services Turkey’s Leader in FBO Services & Airline Representation and Supervision
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Bilen Air Services Turkey’s Leader in FBO Services & Airline Representation and Supervision

Issue 2 - 2019
Bilen Air Services Turkey’s Leader in FBO Services & Airline Representation and Supervision

Bilen Air Services was established in 1995 as an aviation supervision and representation in Istanbul, Turkey. In 2007 the company aquired new, professional Management and developed into a global aviation services company which is tailored to their customers’ needs. With 20 years of experience and perspective, Bilen ensures executive level service quality at 23 airports in Turkey.

With a business strategy set by management, based on professional and personalized service, Bilen Air Services strives to meet every request. With a hands on approach, the management team provides guidance with their 25 years of experience in the aviation industry. With a passion for aviation, the entire personnel team is inspired by being able to provide the same professional approach to clients at every stage of client service. Proudly, Bilen Air Services is the leading aviation solutions and representation company in Turkey.

Airline representation

Airline representation is one of Bilen’s Professional services, providing executive and cost services for airline needs.

* Permit and slot arrangements

* Supervision for check in, load control, ramp

* Processing of excess baggage charges

* Passenger meet and greet

* Getting the best price from various service providers

* Airport taxes

* Catering

* Fueling

* Ticket sales


Bilen offers a smooth operational experience to produce tailored services for passengers, crew and operators / airlines.

Their highly trained supervisors assist with all expects of service with a smile and Professional attention. They take care of every detail after landing and before departure.

* Corporate, VIP, airline flight coordination

* Custom and immigration assistance

* Passenger and ramp handling coordination

FBO& operations control center

Their OCC personnel are dedicated to making each crew and passenger’s Flight unique, elegant and comfortable.

Exceeding guest expectations, in terms of safety, cost effective services while offering executive hospitality is at the core of their business, with an FBO that anticipates client needs.

* 24/7 personalized services

* Quick turnaround

*VIP passenger meet and greet service

* Effortless customs and immigration

* VIP passenger lounge

* Comfortable crew facilities

* Passenger and crew transportation

* Luxury or cost-effective hotel reservations

* VIP flight catering

* Cooperate fuel

* Permit and slots

* Hangarage

* Aircraft cleaning

Flight planning

Bilen Air Services offers a dedicated team to quickly respond the pilot needs 24/7.

The flight dispatchers follow worldwide regulations and search for solutions to challenges especially for last minute requests. Bilen has 2 in-house dispatch centers which are based in Istanbul and Ankara.

* Worldwide permission - landing, transit and overflight

* Computerized flight planning

* Weather and NOTAM services

* Airport slots

* Flight watch

* Ground handling arrangements

* Airport data and information

* Fuel services

* Catering services

* VIP, CIP lounge arrangements

* Accommodatiton and transportation

* Route analysis, weight and balance preparation, performance charts


Bilen Air Services offers expert cargo supervision for an on-time delivery tailored to each shipment. They ensure that damage to cargo is avoided and places a priority on securing them safely.

Supervision is provided for unique requests and experienced assistance with;

* Airway billing

* Packing

* Stowing

* Securing

* Handling

* Cargo aircraft charter

* Partial air-cargo transportation

* Export shipping

* Import transport

* Project transport

* Land transport

Tourism agency

Bilen Air Services has an A certified tourism agency Bildays which meet travel needs 24/7. They assist passengers with planning trips involving multiple airlines. They also assist at the ticket counter with a knowledge of flight schedules. Bildays offers the most suitable and cost saving airlines and flight connections for passenger and corporate needs with experienced personnel.

* International tours

* Cultural tours

* Hotel reservations

* VIP transportation

* Car rental

* Flight ticketing

* Passport and Visa procedures

* Yacht rental

Aircraft management

JetGlobe has been providing aircraft management services globally as an air taxi company and a flight services operator since 2008 and is based at Istanbul Ataturk Airport. The company changed its name from Turkmen Air to JetGlobe in 2017. JetGlobe’s mission is to provide the best quality of service to VIP customers 24/7. They have added aircraft Management to their list of services in addition to charter services, after they were acquired by Bilen Air Services in December 2015.

They have the capability to serve all customer needs via an internal structure with flight operations, ground services, flight support services, flight chartering and aircraft management all over the world.

JetGlobe invites passengers to ‘feel the highest quality & safety flight with JETGLOBE.’

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