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Collins Aerospace's Vision Systems Provide Unprecedented Detail in Real Time on Head-up Displays

Issue 19 - 2023
Collins Aerospace's Vision Systems Provide Unprecedented Detail in Real Time on Head-up Displays

An Exclusive Interview with Mark Ayala - Sr Director, Business & Regional Avionics Sales of Collins Aerospace

Aviation Turkey: Dear Mark, Actually, what can you tell us about putting aerospace avionic business units, core capabilities and technologies and how you addressing the future of intelligence aircraft integrated products? 

Mark Ayala: Yes, so we. Avionics has sort of four core business areas that we focus on so the first is integrated avionics, which is you know the flight decks that you see in the in the front of the Jets with our Proline Fusion system as well as Pro 21 which is our Legacy system from the past, the second would be a cabin technology so we have our cabin management systems, the venue product line which we have on display out of the booth and then we have sensors which is the air data, ice detection and the like that kind of hang off the side of the aircraft to detect different circumstances and then the 4th would be our head up technologies, head up guidance systems. So, the head up display and all of the associated elements that go into allowing the pilot to see in what's in front of the aircraft, even in poor weather. Enhanced vision is a piece of that as well in terms of where we're going to make aircraft more intelligent. I think we're really refining our position and integrated avionics in this respect. And you know, I spoke last night about some of the things we're doing to enhance the flight plan transfer from pre-flight into the aircraft avionics. So, today most flight departments use EFP (Emergency Flight Planning) or some sort of a pre-flight planning tool, and one of the pieces of feedback that we get is that it takes too long for that process for them to transfer the pre-flight flight plan into what they're going to use once they take off, and so we're providing them now a method to transfer their flight plan with a couple EFP providers. Bluetooth Wireless technology Using a third-party USB device that's going to plug right into the front of the Pro Line Fusion display, they'll be able to push their flight plan with a Bluetooth and the Proline Fusion will accept and load that as the new flight plan, which will make that process instantaneous instead of five or 10 minutes with the aircraft engines running on the ramp and make a whole lot more efficient. 

Aviation Turkey: Could you briefly inform us our readers about your major local and international programs. That you are keeping with the customers, what your markets, can you say something about your markets as well?

Mark Ayala: Well, so we're the two big announcements, we have this week in EBACE. One is related to the Iridium (Iridium Certus 700 IRT NX satcom) service launch, which uses our already next technology to provide worldwide coverage for data in the cabin. And that's good in partnership with Bombardier, they're going to launch that on the Challenger 305, first aircraft to come out later this summer as I understand STS for the rest of the Bombardier in service fleet throughout the remainder of the year. The second one, that we're announcing this week is our selection by Dassault, to be a cabin management provider for the 6X as well as 10X. So that's our cabin management system that provides the passengers, the ability to control lighting, you know, window treatments as well as cabin entertainment in the passenger experience as well. 

Aviaiton Turkey: in which platforms, Collins unique are operating…

Mark Ayala: Yes, so we have quite a few. We have Dassault which I just mentioned which is primarily cabin focused. We have the Bombardier line where ranging from the 3500 which I just mentioned, which includes the flight deck up to the new Global 7500, so Global 7500 are being delivered with Proline Fusion today, and then we also have the smaller Global as well as the larger Challenger with our integrated avionics as well and then we have quite a few positions on the sensors line with our air data probes and ice detectors. Every OEM uses one of those in some fashion. Then with Gulfstream, we are very proud of our Head Up Display positions. There are rolling out G600 series.

Aviation Turkey: What initiative technology areas will Collins Aerospace focus on near future. 

Mark Ayala: I think we've seen a trend over the last few years towards the big touch screen displays. We were the industry first introducing that technology and I think that's been very well received by pilots as well as flight departments. So, the larger display and the more the touchscreen technology we can enable the better and so I think you're going to see that continue. Displays will get a little bit bigger. Displays also always get a little bit crisper and a little bit brighter and have a little bit better resolution and so forward. . So that's always a trend and then with head up displays. I think we're starting to see the Enhanced Vision really catch on take all technology that allows you to see through the weather so to speak. Using infrared cameras and the like, so EVS projected on a head up display allows the operator to descend to lower minimum allows you to get a lot closer to the ground in poor weather, whereas you might have had to divert or go around previously. 

Aviation Turkey: Can I ask a question about the passenger aircrafts?

Mark Ayala:  I think probably, Collins made the point last night, that business aviation is sort of a technology incubator for Collins. So, a lot of times we're like touchscreen displays for example, we introduced that in business aviation first and now those are being accepted larger. 

Aviation Turkey: Would you like to add some final comments for our readers?

Mark Ayala: Just that I think you know Collins is constantly trying to get feedback from our pilots and our users and incorporate their feedback into changes and updates and new products. So, we're always trying to be responsive to the feedback from the market constantly reinventing ourselves. So that’s always kind of been a hallmark of our company dating back to previous companies that we're now merged with bringing together the power of one Collins Aerospace is really the trick, so we're starting, we're starting just now, really to see Post-Pandemic. Some of those benefits come together. 

Aviation Turkey: Ok, thank you very much 

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