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Turkish Technic Becomes the World's Biggest ACT Suite Customer

Issue 20 - 2023
Turkish Technic Becomes the World's Biggest ACT Suite Customer

A long-standing user of Airbus Maintenance Training Software, Turkish Technic is now operating seven Airbus Competence Training (ACT) Suite equipped classrooms at Turkish Technic’s Ataturk Airport facilities in Istanbul, Turkey.

The new contract has been signed for a third A320 ACT Suite to add to previous agreements for A320, A330 and A350 classrooms. Turkish Technic’s total capacity of seven (7) ACT Suite classrooms will enable qualification and continuous training of up to 600 mechanics each year. The ACT Suite classrooms actively contribute to sustaining  the growth of maintenance activities in the region by delivering high quality training on short & long range platforms for Turkish Airlines.

ACT Suite offers state of the art maintenance training through virtual 3D training experience.

The tool is an operationally oriented, scenario-based  programme focused on a ‘learning by doing’ approach, allowing for both theoretical and practical troubleshooting. It brings realistic experience by introducing simulation at the very early stages of training and develops suitable skills in a safe environment while reducing on-aircraft practical training and associated costs.

“Thanks to our classrooms equipped with ACT Suite, we offer our technicians a visually engaging training process and prepare them for the challenges of maintenance work. Thus, we aim to offer our passengers a safer flight experience thanks to the maintenance performed by our competent technicians.” said Zekeriya DEMIR, Chief Finance Officer of Turkish Technic.

“We appreciate the confidence Turkish Technic places in Airbus Services and we are pleased to mark yet another milestone of our successful collaboration. With this seventh ACT suite, Turkish Technic showcases an impressive set-up and solid preparedness for future growth.” said Charbel YOUZKATLI, Head of Europe Commercial Services, Airbus.

With a need for more than 700,000 aircraft maintenance technicians and engineers forecast over the next 15 to 20 years, Airbus Services offers a comprehensive portfolio of training solutions for airlines, MROs and academies.

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