Uber Copter on Demand Service From Manhattan to JFK
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Uber Copter on Demand Service From Manhattan to JFK

Issue 1 - 2019
Uber Copter on Demand Service From Manhattan to JFK

Uber is starting a helicopter service, flights booked from Uber’s app will take 8 minutes and accommodate up to 5 person in a lump.

Uber Copter will be available only to users who are Platinum and Diamond members — the top two tiers — of the company’s loyalty program, Uber Rewards

Airbus provides update on March commercial aircraft orders & deliveries and adapts production rates in COVID-19 environment
Airbus adapts commercial aircraft production and assembly activities in Northern Germany and Alabama sites in COVID-19 environment
ICAO News: Report on the Effects of Novel Coronavirus (COVID‐19) on Civil Aviation: Economic Impact Analysis
Preventive Measures taken at Istanbul Airport to fight the Coronavirus (Covid-19) Outbreak
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