Tamer Saraçyakupoğlu, Assist. Prof. Dr.

Department of Aeronautical Engineering

Assist. Prof. Dr. Tamer SARACYAKUPOGLU has been working in the aviation industry for more than 25 years. Today, he is an academician at Istanbul Gelisim University, Aeronautical Engineering Faculty. He teaches aviation lessons.

During his military service, he had many international experiences such as being head of project control office in South Korea for KT-1T training aircraft project from 2009 to 2010, being the member of DLM steering group of NAPMA, Holland and being a member of Global Sustainment Group of Joint Strike Fighter program. During his academic career, he has experience in lecturing abroad such as Montenegro University, Kyrenia University, and Kuwait Airways.

He has a book on sale in the international market and articles published in the “International Journal of Innovative Science and Research Technology”, “American Journal of Aerospace Engineering” and Turkish Academic journals. He is also an editorial board member of “International Journal of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering”. After his graduation from the pilot training school in 2014, he also gained the flex-wing pilot license and UAV commercial license.

At present Assist. Prof. Dr. Tamer SARAÇYAKUPOĞLU enjoys flying as well as writing articles and books related to the aviation industry.

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